Are golden times coming for freelancers in the events business?

Event planner and coordinator

To manage an event properly in terms of timing and organization, you need an event planner: who will help find the right location, draw up a calendar with how the time will be divided, and fill in what the day will look like. . That person will often also be responsible for the perfect timing at the event itself, and will ensure that there is technical support and catering at the right time. The event planner is sometimes, but not always, the coordinator on the day(s) themselves. If many external parties are involved, it makes sense to call on a planner in advance and a coordinator at the event itself.

Event design and architecture

Major fashion brands are already calling on architects or interior specialists to decorate the decor and set for the event in their corporate identity or with a fresh, creative approach. Freelancers are therefore wise to look at events, even if they specialize in certain decorations such as flowers, table decorations according to a theme, etc.

Event marketing, promotion and editing

For an event to be successful, people are needed. That is why freelancers who can work well with social media platforms and online marketing media can get started here. They can take care of the promotion in advance, can ensure that the event is full with email campaigns, and they can also provide short copy by reporting instantly during the event. Experienced freelance copywriters are often called upon to edit deeper and more complex pieces of content (long copy).

Event entertainer

Are you a freelancer specialized in lectures on a specific topic, or perhaps a DJ, animator, or stand-up comedian? Many events are looking for you to brighten up their event so that there is sufficient variety and fun content. Who knows, maybe they'll even want to take a meditation or yoga class! Event photographer-videographer Memorable moments at the event are captured and shared by a photographer and the videographer creates the 'it's a wrap' video and much more.


Do you have a smooth concept that can cheer up an event in the field of nutrition? A food truck, an exotic specialty or just tasty sandwiches or salads? Plenty of opportunities there too! Event technology Every event where one wants to make an impact nowadays uses visual and sound effects - often high-tech - for which specialists are sought. So this is where audiovisual technicians, projection mapping specialists, and lighting specialists come to the right place.

Event security

For (large) events, security people are often asked to ensure safety runs smoothly. Whether it concerns health regulations or protection against theft, you can also work as a freelancer here.


Whether it appeals to you as a planner, photographer, entertainer or caterer: freelancer, look for events that match your interests and skills, because the opportunities are there and they are ready for the taking! Here are just a few examples to inspire you as to whether you could do something for events as a freelancer, because it is certainly worthwhile to look in that direction and simply offer your services!

Isabelle Colle is a communications specialist with a passion for writing. She always finds the right words for your target audience.

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