Frequently Asked Questions

  • ProLinker is the trusted network for entrepreneurs. You can get insight in your professional network and see who’s in your network. We show professionals from within your network up until 3 layers. To keep your network exclusive you can add up to 50 professionals to your network.

  • ProLinker is completely free. We don’t charge you anything. For the first 10.000 members ProLinker will always be free. For the other members we will charge a membership fee in order to see above 1.000 people from your network. Sign up fast!

  • You can sign up on the homepage and enter your information. After sign-up you can build your profile further by adding references. Request feedback from past employers and professionals you have worked with. The feedback will be displayed on your profile.

  • Under settings inside your account you can set the project notifications. Here you can select the categories for which you would like to get project notifications.

  • Next to the search filter you set, we use an algorithm to determine the order in which the entrepreneurs appear in the search results. We use the following criteria:

    • Shared connections
    • Average rating
    • Amount of references
    • Distance
    • Response time

  • Only the entrepreneurs from your network can see and respond on the project.

  • Your profile will only be visible to the entrepreneurs from your network up until 3 levels deep.

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