Five Alternative New Year's Resolutions for Entrepreneurs


1. Pursue happiness

It's not very alternative to have 'becoming happy' as a New Year's resolution. In fact, it's as cliché as it gets. Yet, it's worth noticing how few entrepreneurs include 'personal happiness' among their resolutions. Often, it's all about work, work, and more work. Important, yes, but not as crucial as yourself. Therefore, in 2024, find something that brings you happiness. It could be a dream trip, a new hobby, or a new love interest. As long as it has nothing to do with work.

2. Work one day less

Following the first resolution, it's a great idea to work one day less. I'm not very good at this either. During the Christmas days, I didn't work much, well, a little bit. But these are exceptions. Sure, it's good for the bank account, but that's not everything. In 2024, I'll take at least two days off per week. Will you do the same?

3. Let go of the schedule

This might not work for every entrepreneur, or perhaps it does? A schedule is perfect if you seek stability and certainty. You know what's great about running a business without (or hardly any) schedule? Doors open that you didn't even know existed. It can be thrilling to let go of control, but almost always, something beautiful comes out of it.

4. No revenue target

"I want to generate at least a hundred thousand in revenue," said one of the entrepreneurs. I completely understand that. If you tell me now that I'll make a hundred thousand in 2024, I'd sign up immediately. But that's not feasible because you don't know what the year will bring. I find that liberating, but it also makes having a revenue target impossible. What if I break my leg and can't work for two months? Then my target becomes pointless.

5. At least one entirely new project

I don't want to lose my regular clients. Hopefully, they don't want to lose me either. However, in 2024, I want to do something entirely new. It keeps you fresh and sharp. I already know what it should be, although I don't really want to say it. But I'll say it anyway: a paid gig as a comedian.


By Martijn Katsman -

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