Here are five tips on things you shouldn't pay too much attention to

Let's do something together

I've heard this one often. Do I mind? No, not really, because it's a compliment. But that's where it usually ends. Entrepreneurs can certainly help each other out a bit. I do that too. However, it stops when the help starts costing me projects. That's precisely what happens when a competitor suggests doing a job together. Don't fall for it! It might work for new assignments or projects, but stay cautious. It shouldn't cost you work.

Don't start a business/don't invest

If you're not yet a novice entrepreneur or are about to invest, you'll get advice from all sides. Often, the advice is not to do it. The market isn't good, freelancers will only face tougher times in the coming years, working as an employee is much easier. Just do your thing. There's currently so much work that if your entrepreneurship fails, you can always go back to employment.

Start saving for retirement immediately

Why? I asked the person who gave me this unsolicited advice. 'Just for later,' was the answer. You don't need to start saving for retirement immediately. Chances are you don't have income security yet. That was the case for me, at least. Eventually, in the last week of the year, I opened a retirement account and deposited a decent amount. It saved me a lot of stress in the challenging first months.

Take on as much as possible

I wasn't (and still am not) good at this. The result was (and is) that I sometimes work excessively. Not a big deal, as I still consider myself young. But it's not healthy. For novice entrepreneurs, it's challenging to build a client base, with the risk of accepting everything. Don't make the mistake I made; your free time is much more important.

Choose a niche immediately

Opinions differ on this. Mine is clear: first build a client base and name recognition, then it's time to choose a niche. You unnecessarily complicate things by choosing a niche right away. A broad horizon is much more calming.


By Martijn Katsman -

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