Retargeting: becoming less efficient?


1. The Importance of Retargeting

This technique is incredibly valuable because it bridges the gap between initial interest and actual conversion. Studies have shown that customers often require multiple touchpoints before making a purchasing decision. Retargeting provides that essential repeat exposure, significantly increasing the chance of conversion.

2. How can you retarget?

There are several platforms and channels available for effective retargeting: Google Display: Allows brands to place visual ads on a wide range of websites that are part of the Google Display Network, targeting users who have previously interacted with their website. YouTube: Given the enormous popularity of YouTube, the platform provides an excellent opportunity to show video retargeting ads to users who have previously shown interest in a brand or product. Social Ads: Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram also offer retargeting options. Companies can create custom audiences based on previous website interactions and show these users targeted ads within their social feeds.

3. Future of retargeting

The digital advertising world is facing some challenges, especially with the rise of ad blockers and browsers that remove third-party cookies. These developments may reduce the effectiveness of traditional retargeting methods. However, there is already a solution for this: server-side tracking. By moving data collection and processing to the server side, ad blocker & browser restrictions can be circumvented so that companies can optimally retarget again.

By Lowie Verschelden

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