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In the swirling world of web design, where every pixel counts and every line tells its own story, it sometimes feels like we're part of a modern gold rush. We're all digging for that one design that will go 'viral', that project that will put us on the map. And yet, here I stand, ready to share my shovel with you all. Why? Because I believe in the magic of community over competition. Because in the infinite world of creativity, sharing only makes us richer.

Tip #1: Be More Picasso, Less Photocopier

Let's face it, the digital space can sometimes be an echo chamber of repeated ideas. But remember Picasso, who said, "Good artists copy, great artists steal"? Well, I say, "The greatest artists transform". Look at trends, absorb them, and then ask yourself, "How can I do this differently?" Your unique spin on a project could be just what sets you apart.

Tip #2: Your Network Is Your Rocket Fuel

In the freelancing space, connections are your rocket fuel. They catapult you to places you'd never reach alone. So, launch yourself into meetups, online forums, and social media groups. Be generous with your knowledge, and you'll find what goes around, comes around. A simple conversation can sometimes lead to a galaxy of opportunities.

Tip #3: Remain an Eternal Student

The digital world is our classroom, constantly evolving, always something new to learn. The moment you think you 'know it' is the moment you fall behind. So sharpen your pencils, crack open your books (or let's be honest, your browser tabs), and stay curious. Your willingness to learn is your ticket to success.

Tip #4: Make It Personal

When you personalize your pitch or proposal, you're essentially saying, "I see you, I value you, and I have something special for you." This not only creates immediate value but also builds a bridge between you and your potential client. In a sea of generic pitches, your personal touch will shine like a beacon.

Tip #5: Find Your Zen

Last but not least, in the whirlwind world of deadlines and deliverables, don't forget to find your inner zen. A walk in nature, a cup of tea at sunset, or simply taking the time to breathe – these moments of calm are crucial. They not only nourish your creativity but also remind you why you started.

And there you have it, my crazy act of sharing with competitors. But as I said, in the world of creativity, there's more than enough to go around. By sharing these tips, I hope we can all grow, thrive, and shine a little brighter.

Together, we are stronger, aren't we? And remember, in a world full of copies, be an original. Good luck!

By Ilja Wensink -

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