The most important tip: be honest

No, I'm referring to a point that really makes me itch. Like many others, I use LinkedIn to get in touch with potential clients. About once a week I type 'copywriter' into the search bar. There are sometimes gems of assignments among them, but before I get there, I have to wade through about ten messages from fellow copywriters, who throw all kinds of tips at me.

This is how you write the best SEO text
All copywriters make these mistakes
Having trouble with texts? This (read: me) will help you

In a way I understand that you try to win customers this way, but it's not my way. A kind of telemarketing without being called by a sweaty person with the best energy contract. However, the real itch comes from something else. It is this: I have good news for you. Yesterday I heard that a major assignment was canceled. So I have room for new jobs! YEAH. You can reach me at… I read this so often. And there is no dog who believes it.

Tricks don't work. 95% can see right through that. My experience is that you achieve much more by being honest. In the above case, try the following. Then I take copywriting as an example. Who is to blame? ChatGPT, inflation or maybe it's just me?

I have no idea, but the fact is that my agenda is emptier than I would like. An empty agenda is not so bad, an empty bank account becomes less fun. My specialties are…,…. and honesty. What do you achieve with this? A lot of sympathy from your followers and potential customers, because you honestly admit that things are not going as you would like. Every entrepreneur knows this and it is nothing to be ashamed of.

By Martijn Katsman

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